Text Outside Bleed

warning_yellow.gifText Outside Bleed


A text frame is placed over the dotted trim lines of the page. Please check to make sure that the text is inside of this line to ensure it will not be trimmed during the finishing of your book. 

This is a warning message advising you to visually check the placement of the object - no action needs to be taken if you can see that the text itself is inside the dotted line.


To fix this error you simply need to adjust the placement of your text box on the page.

If you don't, you may lose information from that text box:



If you right click on the warning triangle then go to "Show Warnings" this is what will appear:



Simply move your text object away from the sides of the page, or adjust your text box smaller and this warning will disappear.


 *All warnings on our software do not necessarily need to be fixed if what you had created is the look you are going for. The warnings are purely there for your notification in case you were not intending to have your picture, overlapping the centre of the book or over the bleed edge. 


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