How do I change my PhotoBook to a Leather Cover?

In our software you are able to create a Photo Book that instead of having the Custom Cover you can have Leather.

We have four different colours in our Leather Range to choose from. They are, Black, White, Tan and Brown.

To have Leather as your cover instead of a Custom Cover (which allows you to have photo's on the front of your book) simply click on your cover to begin editing it. On the right hand side of your software screen you will see a Tab that will say "Cover" this will also have a drop down menu that allows you to select different theme's for the background on your cover.

The last option you will see is "Genuine Leather: Natural"



Once you have clicked on "Genuine Leather: Natural" You can then select which colour you would like your Leather Cover to be and Drag  and Drop this onto your cover. This will then change your book to a Leather Covered Book.

With the Leather Cover's, you are not able to add pictures to the front and back covers; However you can add either Silver or Gold foiled text to the front of your book in the bottom right corner.


You will find this option during the ordering stages, and it will allow you to type the text you would like to have foiled on the front, the colour of  the foiling and also style of font (selected range)

If you look on our Prices Page  we have a price calculator which allows you to type in what kind of book you would like to make, and what type of cover - Custom or Leather- you can then select the number of pages you wish to have and it will give you the cost for that book.


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