How to setup your photocover to make a stunning photobook

When designing your photocover it's important to understand how the software layout relates to the finished book. As our photocovers are a full wrap hardcover, the complete cover is designed on the one layout.


Imagine opening a book so the pages are facing away from you, the front cover is on the right hand side, the spine is in the middle and the back cover is on the left - That's exactly how our software shows the cover layout.

In addition to the front cover, spine and back covers you'll also see a dotted line that runs around the four edges of the layout. The area outside of this line is called the 'Wrap Area' - this part of the design is what wraps over the edge of the hardcover and a little into the inside of the cover. So your finished book can look it's best we recommend that you always drag your images right through the wrap area to the end of the artboard. This will ensure a full printed cover with not white borders being visible.


In Example 1 above the image was only fitted to the dotted wrap line and not through to the edge of the artboard. As you can see, the white edges are clearly visible in the finished book. Compare this to Example 2, which looks much more professional as the image has been taken all the way through the wrap area.



In the layout above the image is only set to the dotted line, this will result in a completed book like Example 1.

Instead, drag the image frame through the dotted line to the edge of the artboard, 




Now the cover layout is correct and the finished book will look like the Example 2 book.

If you want to use the image for both the front a back covers, simply resize the frame so it extends right through to all the wrap areas.





Don't forget to add some text to the spine and using image borders is a great way to add depth to your layout.



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