How do I remove the Clickonprint logo from my photobook? *PRO

By default a small Clickonprint logo is printed next to the barcode*.

However we do understand that as a professional photographer, reselling our books, you may not wish for our brand to be displayed. As a member of Clickonprint Pro you have an option to remove this branding.
(Please note that the barcode itself  cannot be removed as this is required to track your book through prouction.)

To remove the logo:
Under the Pro activation of the software the 'Pro Options' step in the order wizard is unlocked.
This step contains a number of upgrade options exclusive to pro members. Select the option to "Remove Clickonprint logo from barcode" and continue the order wizard to submit your book.


*Barcode placement locations:
PhotoCover range - back cover (lower left corner)
Budget A4 Landscape - last page of book (bottom right)
Genuine Leather range - no barcode

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